This issue contains an editor's message after coompletion of its warm up phase, product review about Worlds Smallest GPS Tracking Chip, latest news releases and very informative featured links.
Issue Date: May 30, 2011
Spatial Minutes

Weekly Editorial

Spatial Minutes completed its Warm-up Phase

Dear Readers,

"Spatial Minutes", Weekly Newsletter by Spatial Magazine has completed its warm up session. We want to pay our gratitude for your encouragement and support at the initial stage; demonstrated by the increase in number of subscriptions.

Currently, there are a number of online magazines, issuing regular newsletter aiming at different goals, covering diverse aspects of the industry. Spatial Minutes is especially designed in a way that without taking much of your time it gives you a comprehensive view on what is going on in the geospatial academics and industry.

Based on the valuable feedback of our readers, we will add few more features in it by the time maintaining same easy and quick tone.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions in this regard; helping us in attaining better quality and relevance.

Writter Written By:
Muhammad Usman Farooq
Executive Editor
Spatial Magazine

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Product Review

Worlds Smallest GPS Tracking Chip

We all know that GPS Technology is perpetually advancing and evolving new applications with every new day. As GPS is becoming necessity in our everyday life, Modern GPS tracking devices are petite and slim for personal tracking. Rakon, a 39-year-old New Zealand-based company, has developed the world's smallest (as tiny as the size of a baby's fingernail) GPS receiver. This portable gadget (having high sensitivity good enough to pick up weak signals even in urban environments of high interference) is small enough to be fitted into devices such as watches, cell phones etc.

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Written By:
Maria Kanwal
Spatial Magazine

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