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Issue Date: April 02, 2012
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Geo IT Defence & Security Solution

Real time applications of Geographic Information System (GIS) in almost every area of life make this field worth considering. Besides the ammunition for security and defense purpose, security agencies are equipped with highly customized softwares. Geo IT defense solution is such a software for the digital battlefield, providing proven image exploitation, visualization and GIS solutions. Geo IT Solutions' Defense Systems has provided the Indian and Algerian defense forces with deployed customized GIS software. Geo IT Solution help organizations visualize, manipulate, analyze and integrate any type of geographic imagery, GIS data and geospatial information into 2D and 3D environments. Our solutions run on Windows, Linux and UNIX platforms. Geo IT Solutions defense specific solutions include Rapid Image mapping, Intervisibility and Threat Analysis, 3D Mission Planning, Rehearsal and Training, Targeting and Strike Graphics Generation, Line of Sight Analysis, Mobility Corridors, Trafficability and Supply routes, Hazard mapping (landslides, flood, fire), Terrain Parameters, Target Detection / Change Detection and many more.  

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Maria Kanwal
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